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Al Haramain Watch Denounces the Saudi Regime’s Dismissal of a Number of Mosque Preachers


Al Haramain Watch Denounces the Saudi Regime’s Dismissal of a Number of Mosque Preachers

The International Commission to Watch Saudi Administration of Muslim Places ‘’ Al Haramain Watch’’ condemned the dismissal of a number of mosque preachers in Saudi Arabia due to their political tendencies and their refusal to speak for the Saudi regime, as Dr. Saeed bin Nasser Al-Ghamdi published lists of more than 50 preachers who were dismissed and suspended from their work in the Makkah region due to their tweets or for political reasons.

The International Organization for Monitoring the Administration of Saudi Arabia confirmed that the Saudi regime is recruiting preachers in the Two Holy Mosques to politicize the religious places, cover up the Saudi regime’s crimes at home and abroad, and pass controversial decisions by finding religious justifications for these decisions. Through these politicized platforms, support for the blockade of Qatar was found, justifications for the war in Yemen were found, support for the American regime and its suspicious deals, and for the imprisonment of human rights activists, the last of which was the support of the Saudi government in the murder of journalist Jamal, where the global consensus was accusing bin Salman of giving direct orders to assassinate the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In the same context, the Saudi authorities imposed house arrest, a travel ban, a ban from practicing preaching and preaching, and imprisonment and arrest of all imams and preachers who refuse to support the Saudi government in the Two Holy Mosques or oppose the praise and glorification of the Crown Prince or oppose the Saudi government’s political decisions or because they stand by the right and reform against falsehood, Among the most prominent preachers and imams detained in Saudi prisons are Sheikh Ali Al-Omari, Sheikh Salman Al-Awda, Sheikh Awad Al-Qarni, and about 150 other preachers and writers.

The International Commission added that all Islamic religious sermons are being followed up very carefully in all forums in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and whoever violates the instructions will be punished immediately. The International Commission has warned citizens of Islamic countries and Muslims who hear religious sermons in the Two Holy Mosques while performing the Umrah or Hajj of poisons that are systematically broadcast in their ears during these sermons by the Saudi authorities, and the sermons usually consist of inciting against certain Muslim countries or mobilizing support for wars against Islamic countries and spread sedition in Muslims.

Al Haramain Watch called on Islamic countries and institutions in the world to intervene to stop the spread of poisons and incitement in front of their citizens, as well as to work to involve their Muslim countries and institutions in the management of the Two Holy Mosques and holy sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to save Islam and its teachings before distorting it through the use of holy platforms. Al Haramain Watch aims to ensure that Saudi Arabia manages the two holy mosques and Islamic sites in a proper manner that preserves the past and the present image of Islam.

The commission will apply this aim by advising Riyadh through an Islamic advisory board, engaging Muslim countries in managing the holy rituals, and stopping the obliteration of Islamic identity in Mecca and Medina, which is carried out by Saudi Arabia through the unlimited urban expansion that destroyed many of these sites and eliminated the Islamic presence in them. The commission will also prevent the Saudi Arabia singling out the decision over the holy rituals, which may affect the safety of pilgrims and Umrah. It also aims to prevent the unconvincing closure of rituals such as visiting dignitaries or celebrities or guests of Saudi Arabia. In addition, it will monitor any violation of Saudi Arabia to any pilgrim during his visit to the holy sites. Finally, it will ensure a fair distribution of Hajj and Umrah quotas on Muslim countries without any favouritism or mediation. The International Commission to Watch Saudi Administration of Muslim places “Al Haramain Watch” is a global organization that monitors the ways and means of Saudi Arabia’s administration of the holy sites in Mecca and Medina, especially the Haramain, including the Islamic historical sites in the Kingdom. The Commission’s work is based on an Islamic reference, and is keen on the interests of Muslims from the ocean to the Gulf and all areas of Islamic presence.



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