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Al Haramain Watch holds Webinar on Hajj – a Symbol of Unity



The International Monitoring Board for the Saudi Administration of the Two Holy Mosques (Al Haramin Watch) holds a Zoom Webinar on the Topic “Hajj A Symbol of Unity”. The great scholars and muftis from Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mauritania, Zimbabwe and Tunisia expressed their views and opinions.

Mufti Qasim Fazlullah (Bangladesh) said in his address that the importance and usefulness of Hajj in Islam is not hidden from anyone. From all places of Hajj, the Muslim Ummah is subconsciously taught unity and harmony. But unfortunately there is a lack of unity among the Muslims; the reason is that Saudi authority is promoting a particular ideology which suits its kingdom instead of real Islam.

Dr. Hassan Al Mustafa (Syria) in a very comprehensive speech said that the Saudi government has locked the doors of the two holy shrines to different countries on different occasions. He said that the Saudi rulers, in fact, consider their welfare to be in pleasing the United States and western countries. He also gives a presentation on history and explains how Saudi betrayed the whole Ummah.

Maulana Syed Mohammad Rizvi (India) said that the ideology of Saudi ruler is failed to promotion and stability of unity of Islam. Canceling the Hajj this year due to the Corona virus disease is actually closing the Darul Shifa for the Muslim Ummah, which is very surprising.

Allama Abdul Samad Aali (Tunisia) said that Hajj season is an excellent and golden opportunity to convey the true image of Islam to the people where the true universal message of Islam can be easily conveyed to Muslims all over the world. There is more warmth of faith in the Muslim Ummah but it is not happening due to bad management of Saudi government.

Sheikh Mustafa Ali Saleh (Nigeria) said that not only the Muslim Ummah receives the message of unity but also the same color and the same voice. Hajj also gives a clear indication that man can walk on the path of ascension and evolution with unity.

Muhammad Abu Saeed Misbahi (India) said during the moderation that the concept of unity as found in Islam is not found in any other religion. Even in Islam, the idea of ​​gathering in the mosque five times a day, the idea of ​​gathering for Friday prayers for the people in the neighborhood, the idea of ​​gathering twice a year for Eid, and all the great from the Islamic world. During the Hajj season, Muslims get a golden opportunity to gather in large.

Speakers from Pakistan Sheikh Usman Noorani, Mauritania Sheikh Foal Bin Rasheed and others also express his views.




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