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Hajj Cancellation and respond of Asian Muslim Leaders



Muslims expressed disappointment at Saudi Arabia’s decision to scale back this year’s hajj pilgrimage. Saudi Arabia the hajj would be “very limited” with only pilgrims already in the country allowed to perform the ritual, marking the first time in modern Saudi history that foreign visitors have been barred.

Mohamad Azmi Abdul Hamid, Who is also the advisor of Al Haramain Watch Malaysia, said Muslim nations should have been allowed to take a “collective decision”, rather then it being left to Riyadh. It’s high time (the holy cities of Mecca and Medina) are managed by an international board represented by Muslim countries.

Saeed Noori of India said that Hajj is considered to be the fifth pillar in Islam, Saudi Arabia is trampling on the pillars of Islam (Hajj Pilgrimage) under the pretext of the corona virus and Saudi Arabia’s decision to ban pilgrims from all countries is against the Islamic tradition.

Sheikh Anam Agu of Indonesia who is considered as spiritual leader of Sufi sect condemned the decision of Saudi Arabia on hajj and showed his anger. He said that In the name of the Corona virus, the Saudi government has deprived visitors from other countries of great blessing of Hajj this year so that Muslims are unable to attend this blessed rituals. He called that Saudi decision is against the spirit of Islam.

Muhammad Shuaib a businessman in Bangkok Thailand also expressed his anger on Saudi decision. He suggested that Saudi government must allow at least 1000 people from every country, so that Hajj pilgrimage would take place as usual.

Usman Noorani advisor of Pakistan chapter of Al haramain watch said that Saudi government seems to have followed the orders of its lords in the United States and Israel, on whose advice it has carried out all its affairs. He said that Saudi government should have taken the world’s Islamic scholars into confidence and consulted with them before making this decision.

Qari Ridwan Ashrafi advisor of Alharmain watch of Bangaldesh criticized the decision that hajj would be “very limited”



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