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AlHarmain Watch Hold urgent Zoom Webinar on Saudi Plan to Cancellation of Hajj


The speaker from Thailand Mr Farid said that huj pilgrimage should not be cancelled by Saudi Arabia as Hajj is fifth pillar of Islam and Saudi Arabia has no authority to ban the Hajj or to cancel the Hajj. We strongly oppose and condemn the decision of Saudi Arabia to cancellation of the Hajj.Mr Farid also said that he had produced so many documentary on the Saudi Arabia destructions of the Holy sites and others.

He said that the main objective of Haj is to brotherhood among the Muslim but unfortunately the Saudi Arabia are using it to divide the Muslim unity and they are promoting the ideology of their own kingdom.
Speaker from Bangladesh Maulana SUM abdussamad said that this type of initiative of Alharamainwatch is very very effective to pressurise the Saudi government to take fair decision.
Saudi government should know that Hajj is for all Muslim ummah and it is not the public property of Saudi Arabia.
He suggested that we have to make an international Advisory committee and take at least 2 members from all Islamic country who has the expertise in Hajj and Umrah issue.
Alhaj Seed Noori from India said that Saudi government should consult from the ulema and Scholars from all over the world that due to pandemic crisis what we should do but Saudi did not consult with the ulems so we strongly reject the decision of Saudi to cancellation of Hajj . he also said that who has given the authority to Saudi Arabia to cancel the Hajj because Hajj is an Islamic rituals it is not any Saudi property. he also said that who has given the authority to Saudi Arabia to cancel the Hajj because Hajj is an Islamic rituals it is not any Saudi property.
He said that we will not accept this decision and we will protest in strongest term and he also asked to the people of the world to make protest and agitation against this unlawful and un Islamic decision of Saudi Arabia
Qari Zawwar Bahadur of Pakistan said that unfortunately since last hundred year there is no democracy in Saudi Arabia but monarchy and dictatorship so we cannot imagine about the democratic systems
he advise to the Saudi Arabia that they should form a consultation and Advisory committee of influential scholars of the world for the better management of the Hajj and Umrah also he shows his concern about the cancellation of Hajj
he said that haj should not be cancel completely but we should allow few people to attend the Hajj instead of completely cancellation
Sheikh Ismael Duwa from Zimbabwe said that Mecca and madina should not be considered as the property of Saudi Arabia but it is is the property of whole ummah.
He said that Saudi Arabia cancelled the Hajj at the last moment and people already made the arrangements for the Hajj now people will face the loss of money
they already made the tickets and all arrangements so how they manage it
Saudi Arabia should consult with Ulema before the cancellation of the Hajj.
Mr musahib Uddin from Bangladesh sad that Saudi Arabia should know that when we are talking about the better management of Hajj and Umrah when we are talking about an international organization to monitor the hermain Sharifain then it does mean that we are talking about the the Saudi Arabia about their land about their oil and all the things but we are talking about the Haramain Sharifain and that belongs to all the Muslims of the world.
He emphasizes to make Alharamainwatch more stronger to build the pressure on Saudi Arabia for the better management of Hajj and Umrah


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