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The cancellation of Haj pilgrimage by Saudi Arab shows its administrative failure


Al Harmain Watch, an organization to monitor the holy mosque of Mecca and Medina and the Hajj, has strongly objected to Saudi Arabia’s cancellation of Hajj pilgrimage, saying that the Saudi government’s decision shows that Saudi Arabia is Completely failed in management of Hajj pilgrimage. Al-Harmen Watch Board members expressed surprise at the Saudi government’s decision that the Saudi government should have consult all Islamic countries before canceling the Haj pilgrimage.

Shujaat Ali Qadri, director of Al Harmain Watch, said that in the history of Hajj such a decision has never been seen when the Saudi government has canceled the Haj pilgrimage without consultation. The cancellation of Haj pilgrimage Shows the mismanagement of Saudi Arabia. He said that the Saudi government should allow to Haj pilgrimage to those aged 20 to 45 years. Qadri said that Al Herman Watch will soon conduct a webinar to review the Saudi government’s decision of cancellation of Hajj pilgrimage.

Muhammad Azmi Abdul Hameed, an advisor to Al Harmain Watch Malaysia, said that he strongly objected to the Saudi government’s decision.

Abu Bakr Sidi, an advisor to Al Harmain Watch of Mauritania, also objected to the Saudi government’s decision, saying that the African country was already a victim of double policy by Saudi Arabia and now Africans are uncomfortable with the decision.

Al Harmainn Watch India’s advisor Saeed Noori strongly criticized and asked Saudi to reconsider the decision.

Qari Zor Bahadur and Safdar Gilani, members of Al Harmen Watch Pakistan, have also objected to the decision.




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