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Al Haramain Watch Accuses Saudi Arabia of Mocking Muslim Feelings and Practicing Discrimination against them


Al Haramain Watch Accuses Saudi Arabia of Mocking Muslim Feelings and Practicing Discrimination against them


The International Commission to Watch Saudi Administration of Muslim Places “ Al Haramain Watch” has accused the Saudi regime, especially Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah after the ministry’s statement. The content of the statement by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah ridicules the feelings of all Muslims around the world, especially the pilgrims. For three years in a row, Saudi Arabia has forbidden pilgrims from performing Islamic rituals such as Hajj and Umrah, restricting them and creating false sites to register outside the formal cooperation between the two countries and obstructing those who decide to go for Hajj alone through the land roads. Saudi arabia uses Hajj and Umra Files for political exploitation and use in the media campaign against the State of Qatar.

In the past, the Commission has received many complaints from Qatari citizens and the suffering they have suffered in the twisted way set by the Saudi administration to them and in the end they returned without performing Islamic rituals because of the politicization of the Saudi administration of Islamic rituals and its exclusivity in the management of Muslim places which is the right of all Muslims in the world.

Al haramain Watch said thousands of Qataris and residents in Qatar were waiting on warmer heat to remove all obstacles and allow them to perform holy Islamic rituals freely. The International Commission renewed its demand to involve Islamic institutions and governments in the management of Islamic rituals in Saudi Arabia, especially the Umrah and Hajj, because of the misuse of the Saudi administration to this file and to ensure the highest degree of transparency, integrity, impartiality and fairness.

Al Haramain Watch aims to ensure that Saudi Arabia manages the two holy mosques and Islamic sites in a proper manner that preserves the past and the present image of Islam. The commission will apply this aim by advising Riyadh through an Islamic advisory board, engaging Muslim countries in managing the holy rituals, and stopping the obliteration of Islamic identity in Mecca and Medina, which is carried out by Saudi Arabia through the unlimited urban expansion that destroyed many of these sites and eliminated the Islamic presence in them.  The commission will also prevent the Saudi Arabia singling out the decision over the holy rituals, which may affect the safety of pilgrims and Umrah.  It also aims to prevent the unconvincing closure of rituals such as visiting dignitaries or celebrities or guests of Saudi Arabia. In addition, it will monitor any violation of Saudi Arabia to any pilgrim during his visit to the holy sites. Finally, it will ensure a fair distribution of Hajj and Umrah quotas on Muslim countries without any favouritism or mediation.

The International Commission to Watch Saudi Administration of Muslim places “Al Haramain Watch” is a global organization that monitors the ways and means of Saudi Arabia’s administration of the holy sites in Mecca and Medina, especially the Haramain, including the Islamic historical sites in the Kingdom. The Commission’s work is based on an Islamic reference, and is keen on the interests of Muslims from the ocean to the Gulf and all areas of Islamic presence.



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