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Al Haramain Watch Calls for Increasing Malaysian Quota of Hajj


Al Haramain Watch Calls for Increasing Malaysian Quota of Hajj

Th International Commission to Watch Saudi Administration of Muslim Places “Al Haramain Watch” called on Saudi Government to increase Malaysia’s share of the pilgrimage, after the Ministry of Hajj did not respond to many of the correspondence of the CEO of the Malaysian Hajj Foundation, Mr. Zukri Samed. Mr. Zoukri has called for an increase in the Hajj quota by 10,000 pilgrims this year. Malaysia’s share of the current pilgrimage is 30,000 pilgrims. Moreover, it is expected to increase the number of Piligrms to 31.200 if the Saudi agree to the suggested proposal.

A Malaysian citizen expressed anger at the Saudi authorities’ decision not to increase Malaysia’s share of the pilgrimage, despite promises by the authorities there to increase the number of pilgrims this year. a 73-year-old Malaysian said “I do not know when my Hajj turn is coming. I started saving for Hajj for years and I feel very angry because I am deprived of the pilgrimage.”

The International Commission called on the Saudi authorities to increase Malaysia’s share of the pilgrimage and not to deprive many Muslims from performing the pilgrimage, especially the elderly. The Commission urged the Saudi regime to exercise justice in the distribution of Hajj quotas to Islamic countries. Saudi Arabia should use Islamic expertise in the management of Hajj and Umrah by involving Islamic institutions and governments in managing Islamic sentiments in Saudi Arabia to ensure the highest degree of transparency and integrity in the management of Hajj and Umrah, especially after the failure of Saudi Arabia to manage these places.

Al Haramain Watch aims to ensure that Saudi Arabia manages the two holy mosques and Islamic sites in a proper manner that preserves the past and the present image of Islam. The commission will apply this aim by advising Riyadh through an Islamic advisory board, engaging Muslim countries in managing the holy rituals, and stopping the obliteration of Islamic identity in Mecca and Medina, which is carried out by Saudi Arabia through the unlimited urban expansion that destroyed many of these sites and eliminated the Islamic presence in them.

The commission will also prevent the Saudi Arabia singling out the decision over the holy rituals, which may affect the safety of pilgrims and Umrah.  It also aims to prevent the unconvincing closure of rituals such as visiting dignitaries or celebrities or guests of Saudi Arabia. In addition, it will monitor any violation of Saudi Arabia to any pilgrim during his visit to the holy sites. Finally, it will ensure a fair distribution of Hajj and Umrah quotas on Muslim countries without any favouritism or mediation.

The International Commission to Watch Saudi Administration of Muslim places “Al Haramain Watch” is a global organization that monitors the ways and means of Saudi Arabia’s administration of the holy sites in Mecca and Medina, especially the Haramain, including the Islamic historical sites in the Kingdom. The Commission’s work is based on an Islamic reference, and is keen on the interests of Muslims from the ocean to the Gulf and all areas of Islamic presence.



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